Colorado Reindeer Ranch / About the Ranch

We're a certified reindeer ranch in Coalmont, Colorado

USDA Certified and Inspected Reindeer Ranch. We closely follow Colorado state’s regulations and guidelines. We work very hard to provide the best care for all our animals.

Meet our herd of reindeer.

Yukon Cornelius

This is Yukon Cornelius. He is named after Hermie, the elf’s friend in the original Rudolf movie. He is not yet a year old, and came to our ranch in March. He has become our children’s project. He gets daily walks by our kids. He halters and walks by lead easily. He is people friendly and loves his daily grain. His second set of antlers are growing in now and we’re excited to see him grow!

Momma Bumble

Bumble is a 7 year old reindeer. She came to the ranch in Oct of 2021. She is named after the Abominable Snowman from Rudolf. She is a pretty friendly reindeer. She allows us to halter her and she can be led for a small amount of time. She is our beautiful display reindeer, she is the star during Christmastime.


Hermie is our 3 year old bull reindeer. He is named after Rudolfs Elf friend. He came to us in Oct 2021. Males grow the biggest antlers and Hermie grows a large set. Males drop their antlers after the rut from the end of Oct to December. He has quite a set coming in already and has nice velvet.


Mouse is such a sweet girl. Not yet a year old, she is halter broke and walking like a champ! She goes for 2 mile walks most mornings with someone from the family. She loves her treats of groats and is a great addition to the ranch. She is one of our best reindeer for showing to people to get a more hands on experience.


Stinker is a new cow addition. She joined the ranch in August from a reindeer farm in Wisconsin. She will be used predominantly for breeding, but can be viewed in person at the ranch. She is spunky, and quick on her feet. She will often give the viewer a good look at reindeer’s running skills as she runs around the pen.


This is Frankenweenie. Named after the Halloween movie. She’s a feisty little girl. Not yet a year old. She’s has a broken antler in this pic. She has given us some work in trying to halter break and walk on a lead. She managed to break her antler in the process. She is a sweetheart and will take rubs on the head over walking, as she generally just lays down.


TweedleDee came to us in the fall of ‘22 from Crystal Collection Reindeer. She is a young calf, and came with her partner in crime: TweedleDum. She’s a feisty girl. She is quick on her feet and easily avoids being caught. She goes for walks fairly well, and is a great show girl. She’s friendly, but always stays an arms length away.


TweedleDum came to us from Crystal Collection Reindeer. He is the other troublemaker to his cohort TweedleDee. He’s going to be a breeding bull at Colorado Reindeer once he reaches the appropriate age. He’s not a good walker and prefers to just be left to his own.

Oogie Boogie

Oogie Boogie came to us from Spokane Washington with her friend Zero. The two are a pretty inseparable pair. They go everywhere together, and have become our most popular reindeer at events. They walk well, and have even taken walks around town. Oogie is a super sweet girl and is always down for a handful of treats in trade for a pet.


Binxs is one of our biggest calves. She just joined the herd in the fall of ‘22. She has yet to be “halter-broke”, and is still just warming up to the idea of being rubbed and petted. She has a beautiful light winter coat in comparison to the other girls, which makes her really stand out in a crowd.

Meet the family.

The Cochrane Family

We are a family of 4: Dustin, April, Aspen, and Harley.

We live in the high mountains of Coalmont Colorado on our family ranch. The ranch has been in our family for over 30 years and was passed down from our grandparents.

We are a working cattle ranch and have decided to incorporate reindeer into our daily lives. Our kids are both very important to our operation and we couldn’t do it without them. The kids do the bulk of the daily caretaking of the reindeer. Feeding, water, walking, grooming, and loving. The reindeer are the kids’ main responsibility after cattle. We hope to continue to grow our reindeer operations and allow our kids to take it over when they are adults.

Our reindeer operation is USDA certified and inspected. We closely follow Colorado state’s regulations and guidelines. We work very hard to provide the best care for all our animals, reindeer included.

We'd love to hear from you!

Planning your visit

We welcome you to the ranch!

The Colorado Reindeer Ranch is open to the public.

Admission Prices

Adults – $10
Kids 12 and up – $5
Children 12 and younger are free

Please contact us via phone call or email to set up your time and date for visiting. Our location is very rural and cell service is not great, please leave a voicemail or send us a message here on the website.

Send us a message, we'll be glad to call you back.

Or, prefer the reindeer come to visit your event? Please use this form to invite the herd.


We maintain a very small herd. Of our 12 reindeer, 1 deer is available for close-up visits and more hands on experiences. The others are only available for viewing while in their pasture.

No. At this time, it is best to contact us through the website, by phone, or by email to schedule a time to visit the ranch.

We are a working reindeer ranch. As such, you should wear appropriate clothing that may get dirty. Boots are recommended. 

We are completely rural and all roads on our ranch are dirt, with possible muddy / snowy conditions possible depending on the current season and weather conditions. If you are concerned with road conditions or need assistance, please call us at the number listed above.

The Colorado Reindeer Ranch is located in Coalmont, Colorado. Our address is 6398 CR-24, Coalmont, CO 80430. 

Here is a Google Map link of our location.