Colorado Reindeer Ranch / Invite Our Reindeer for Events in Colorado

Invite our herd of reindeer to your event

Our small herd of reindeer are available for events in Colorado. If you’re interested in booking our reindeer for your upcoming events, please reach out to the Colorado Reindeer Ranch uusing the form below. 

Our family of real, live reindeer are available for your events, anywhere in Colorado

Bring Live Reindeer to Your Event!

Live reindeer can make any event memorable! Whether it be a holiday party, corporate event or just for fun, bringing in live reindeer is sure to create lasting memories and lots of smiles.

You may arrange for an experienced reindeer handler to bring these majestic creatures directly to your special occasion.

A unique experience for everyone

Live Reindeer provide a unique experience that cannot be reproduced. Your event will be memorable for everyone who attends and has the special experience to meet with these special visitors.

Everyone in attendance is sure to feel like they’re part of something truly magical – no matter what age! Seeing the reindeer up close gives people the opportunity to learn more about reindeers and appreciate their beauty from an entirely new perspective.

Bring the magic of reindeer to your next event

Our reindeer just love events, we'd love to hear from you!

The Colorado Reindeer Ranch herd is available for your events, year round.

Please contact us via phone, or email us with this form to discuss your event. Our location is very rural and cell service is not great, we ask you to please leave a voicemail or send us a message here on the website.

We'd love to hear from you!

Frequently Asked Questions about reindeer events

We maintain a very small herd of beautiful reindeer, and several are available for your event. Typically, we bring 1-3 reindeer to an event, more may be available with advanced notice. 

Popular holidays and certain weekends book far in advance. If you know you want to bring our reindeer to your event, please book as early as possible to ensure availability. Feel free to reach out to us to find out if the dates for your event are available, we’re more than happy to help, and always excited to hear about new events in the area. 

We will bring everything we (and the reindeer) need for our visit. All we need is a secure place to park, and a level and clean area for our crew to establish fencing and protective structure for the reindeer. 

For the comfort of the reindeer, if you know of anything special about your event, the location, or your specific needs, please share that information with us as early as possible.

We will bring food for the reindeer, and they will need water. If water is not available on-site, please advise the family when booking your event. 

The rate for booking the reindeer for your event is dependent on a number of factors including: location (proximity to us in Colorado), the duration of the event, and the kind of event, attendance for the event, and more. There are a number of things we consider when providing a rate, and that goes beyond what could be presented here.

To find out exactly what the cost for your event would be, please send us a message here on the website or give us a call to discuss. 


No, the Colorado Reindeer Ranch handles all paperwork and permitting for the reindeer. 

We are licensed to transport our herd within the state of Colorado.

The Colorado Reindeer Ranch is located in Coalmont, Colorado. Our address is 6398 CR-24, Coalmont, CO 80430. 

Here is a Google Map link of our location.